ISN Amsterdam Office

CREA, Room 1.15
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

Telephone number: +31 20 5253721

Office Hours:
Monday:        13:00-17:00
Wednesday:  13:00-17:00
Friday:            13:00-17:00
*Due to meetings, the office of ISN Amsterdam will be closed on Friday the 18th of May.


  • Payments: we only accept cash or transfers from a Dutch bankaccount!
  • Reservations: We don't take any reservations! First-come, first-served.
  • Refunds: Refunds are not possible (policy). In case you don't wish to participate anymore, we advice you to resell your ticket to your fellow students. (You are allowed to use our facebook eventpage for this.)
  • ESN card: You need to have an ESN card to join most of our events. You can buy an ESN card at our office or on the day of the event if you are an UvA, HvA or AUC student. If you do not have an ESN card when it's required, you will not be able to participate in the event.
  • Online/Offline sales: Online & offline sales should be seen as apart from each other. If the online sales for tickets has been sold out, it is not necessarily the case for offline sales. Pass by our office or call us during office hours to ask about the tickets left.

We're here to help you!
We are all volunteers and we are here to help you during your stay in Amsterdam, so if you have any questions feel free to ask us. You can pass by our office during our office hours or contact us by phone or e-mail. In our office we sell tickets for our activities & the ESN cards as well.

Compliment or unhappy about something?
Although we appreciate every compliment, we also value your feedback. We strive to improve so we are open for your critique as well. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you see points of improvement so we can work on it.

Our contactlist:

General questions

Lisa Ottolander
Emily Ding
Lianne van Breukelen
Activities coordinator:
Twan Meijers 
Integration coordinator:
Ina Paredis
PR & Funding coordinator:
Helena Gerb
Introduction coordinators:
Willem Speelman & Jernelissa Iradi

(NOTE: if you are looking for information related to studying or housing, please contact the University of Amsterdam or the University of Applied Sciences. You can join our organisation for all the activities we organise however we don't provide/assist with housing.)