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In addition to entertaining activities, travel opportunities and lively parties ISN tries to offer international students the opportunity to get to know the Dutch (student) community through several other programs and activities. As ISN’s Integration coordinator I am in charge of these type of activities. Specifically, I'm will be responsible for coordinating the Theme Nights and Dutch Movie Nights, the SocialErasmus and Erasmus in Schools activities, the Buddy and Language Exchange programs, the Dutch Culture Night and the sales of the Dutch Lessons at the start of each semester. Before the start of the semester, I plan all these activities to create the official ISN calendar together with the Activities Coordinator and the PR Coordinator. To be able to do this, I coordinate my very own (and very wonderful) committee: the Integration Committee. ISN’s Integration Coordinator should be someone carrying a welcoming smile and a lot of enthusiasm; good in not only communicating with fellow board members and committee members but with associates partners (for instance for the Dutch Culture Night, Dutch Lessons, SocialErasmus, Erasmus in Schools and Theme Nights) and most importantly: with the international students themselves! Already excited to take over my role and welcome the newly arrived students with the biggest possible smile? Apply to become ISN’s next Integration Coordinator before the 22nd of April! - Ina Paredis

Board Information Evenings
Are you interested? Come to our Board Information Evenings in April, during which you can learn about what it is like to be an ISN board member and to ask all of your questions to the current board. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay updated about the Board Information Evenings and other ISN events.

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